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Customized options for your teens healthy smile

Teen Orthodontic Treatment

The teenage years are the most common time for orthodontic treatment when teens are looking to achieve their ideal smile. We understand how important it is to have esthetic options tailored to each patient's unique needs.

At our office we offer several treatment options for teens, but not every option is right for every teen orthodontic case. Dr. Feldman will evaluate and recommend the best individualized treatment plan based on each patient's specific goals and needs.

No matter which treatment is recommended, our team provides an experience focused on teens' unique needs. We work to ensure excellent clinical results while making the process fun and positive. Orthodontics can boost self-esteem during this transformative time. We look forward to helping teens put their best smile forward!

Treatments include:

  • IncognitoTM lingual braces - placed discreetly behind the teeth when appropriate
  • Invisalign® teen - clear aligners removable for eating and brushing for less complex cases
  • Clarity ADVANCED ceramic brackets - blend in with natural tooth color
  • Lightforce 3D-Custom Braces - 3D printed ceramic brackets for the best fit
Crafting Smiles with Care

Dr. Esther Feldman DMD MS

Dr. Esther Feldman is an acclaimed orthodontist dedicated to revealing healthy, confident smiles. As an Invisalign Top 1% Provider (Diamond +), she is admired for her gentle expertise and commitment to comfort. Dr. Feldman stays ahead of innovations to offer the latest discreet and effective treatments. Her emphasis on listening ensures patients feel understood while crafting customized plans to transform their smile. Whether using clear aligners or lingual braces, her artful approach helps patients achieve their best smile.

Still Have Any Questions?

Check out the FAQs.

We offer a range of options like clear aligners, lingual braces, ceramic braces, and traditional metal braces. I'll recommend the best choice for your specific treatment goals.

Clear aligner therapy and lingual braces placed discreetly behind your teeth are excellent metal-free options we provide. Not all cases qualify, so I'll advise if they're appropriate for you.

Some mild soreness can occur when braces are first put on and adjusted. Over-the-counter pain medication and orthodontic wax can help relieve discomfort. Let me know if you experience any pain.

While traditional braces are visible, we offer esthetic options like clear aligners and ceramic or lingual braces to make treatment more discreet. I will ensure you're comfortable with the look of your selected treatment.

Let's customize your braces through colorful elastics, modern bracket styles, and themed accessories. There are lots of ways to show your personality while achieving your healthiest smile!