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At Feldman Orthodontics the practice philosophy is built on innovative orthodontic solutions and customized treatment plans designed for each and every patient’s unique smile.

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How Does It Work?

Our 5-phase approach guides you seamlessly through consultation, diagnosis, planning, treatment, and retention for a customized orthodontic experience.

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Step 1

Consultation Phase

Using the latest technology like the comfortable “no goop, no gag” Itero intraoral scanner and advanced digital imaging, we obtain precise records to plan your individualized care.

Step 2

Diagnostic Phase

Using the latest technology like the comfortable “no goop, no gag” Itero intraoral scanner and advanced digital imaging, we obtain precise records to plan your individualized care.

Step 3

Treatment Planning Phase

Dr. Feldman develops evidence-based treatment plans coordinated with your general dentist and other specialists involved in your case. We pride ourselves on this collaborative approach.

Step 4

Active Treatment Phase

We integrate modern orthodontic techniques to ensure your unique smile shines through. One-size-fits-all is never our approach. Your treatment is tailored to you.

Step 5

Retention & Long Term Success Phase

A custom retention plan is created based on your specific needs for stability. Proper retention is essential to maintain your beautiful new smile for a lifetime. We are with you each step of the way.

Treatment Options

We offer a variety of innovative treatment options including early intervention, clear aligners, discreet braces, accelerated treatments, and remote monitoring to customize care to your needs.

Early Treatment

Phase One treatment targets developmental issues in children prior to permanent teeth erupting in order to guide jaw growth and correct problems like overbites, crossbites, crowding, and harmful habits. Early intervention creates space for teeth alignment and can eliminate the need for extraction or complex treatment later.

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Invisalign uses a series of customized, clear plastic aligners to gradually shift teeth over time without brackets or wires. As the convenient removable aligners are invisible and comfortable, Invisalign allows discreet teeth straightening that seamlessly integrates into your daily routine.

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Clarity Advanced Braces

The 3M Clarity Advanced ceramic bracket system employs the latest technology to enhance performance and esthetics. By combining progressive technology and state-of-the-art design, Clarity brackets are a predictable system for efficient treatment and truly blend in with the natural color of your teeth. These small translucent brackets are composed of innovative, ceramic material, which lends to an attractive appearance and will resist discoloration over the duration of the patient’s treatment.


The Lightforce system is a completely custom digital system that is “One Size Fits One”. It allows for the utmost precision and comfort along with a seamless treatment progression from start to finish. This custom fit technology and the ability to print every individual bracket allows for faster and more efficient treatment.


The incognito Appliance System is completely customized to the patient’s teeth and case. This uniquely discrete system features custom brackets on the tongue-side of the teeth, along with custom archwires to deliver invisible and convenient care. This revolutionary treatment allows patients to smile with confidence from the day of bonding all the way through to the finish. We can use Incognito for full comprehensive treatment, as well as for minor correctional movement with the Incognito Lite system.


We offer accelerated options like vibrational devices (VPro5+) and PROPEL procedures to stimulate bone remodeling and expedite teeth straightening up to 70% faster.

VPro5+ is an FDA cleared, non-invasive device that creates high frequency vibrations in the mouth. It is essentially a Theragun for your mouth! This advanced pulse technology helps accelerate movement by stimulating the cells in the bone surrounding the teeth to help the teeth reach the desired position quicker. By using VPro5+ for just 5 minutes each day, you can speed up the time to straighten teeth. VPro5+ is easy to use: simply bite down on the mouthpiece, start the activator, and let the device pulse for the programmed 5 minutes. Additional benefits include reduced soreness and reduced treatment time.

PROPEL is a patented, FDA-registered accelerated procedure that is performed by Dr. Feldman in the office. PROPEL technology is used to stimulate bone remodeling so that teeth can move into place at a rate that’s 60-70% faster. We like to think of it as acupuncture in your mouth. For your comfort, local anesthetic numbs your gums before the minimally invasive technique is performed. There’s usually no discomfort and no recovery time, so once completed, you can resume your day without any restrictions in eating or physical activity. The advantages of PROPEL are that you may need only one in-office treatment, and it can be targeted to specific rate-limiting areas, The effect lasts ~4 months and allows us to treat difficult cases with conventional appliances.


Dental Monitoring virtual care is a smartphone app that facilitates remote monitoring of orthodontic treatment progress. Patients will take weekly photos using the app so that we can have constant communication and visuals of how the treatment is progressing. It eliminates unnecessary office visits and creates an on-demand appointment so that our patients do not take time out of their busy schedules to come into the office when not needed. These weekly virtual house calls ensure that treatment tracks according to plan and allows Dr. Feldman to follow your treatment in real time, at your convenience!

Why Choose Us

At Feldman Orthodontics, we provide an exceptional patient experience with:


Boutique Experience

Our intimate office setting provides personalized attention in a comfortable, boutique environment.


More Doctor Time

Dr. Feldman takes the time needed to understand your unique goals and expectations.


Personalized Care

We develop customized treatment plans tailored to you and your smile needs. One-size-fits-all is not our approach.


Flexible Appointment Times

We work with your busy schedule to find appointment times that fit your life.


Advanced Diagnostic Technology

We utilize the latest digital imaging, intraoral scanners, and other diagnostic technology for precise records and treatment planning.


Innovative Treatment Options

We offer the full range of the most modern orthodontic treatments, to provide efficient and effective care tailored to your needs.

Our Office

Boutique. Intimate.Modern

What Our Patients Say

Dr. Feldman is awesome! She’s been my Orthodontist for almost 2yrs and what a difference she’s made. I’ve been in braces for 5yrs and what she’s managed to do in the time that she’s been working on my mouth is remarkable. My prior Orthodontist had my teeth flaring out to the side and my smile looked crooked. I was worst off then when I started. With Dr. Feldman’s help, I now have a perfect smile and get compliments on how aligned my teeth are and I still have another month to 2 months left. Thanks Dr. Feldman!!!

If you’re in the market to find an orthodontist, then Dr. Feldman is your doctor. She’s passionate and creative about her artistry. She has a magnetic spirit that’s undefinable, which will galvanize a sense of easiness where there’s uneasiness. Dr. Feldman cares about her patient’s (not just short-term, but long-term results) well-being and teeth. Admittedly, we’re aware that our teeth are the first thing people will see when we open our mouths, and she’ll guarantee we’re confident in that area. Truthfully, I look forward to seeing her each visit. Yes, I know, dental office visits could create fears and anxieties, but not with her; she’ll ensure your visit is peaceful and comfortable. In fact, you’ll leave with a smile. Thanks Dr. Feldman for your authenticity, goodness, and ingenuity–those are exceptional attributes! I’ll see you soon.

I had an amazing experience being a patient of Dr Esther Feldman , I felt very safe in her hands, she knows very well what she is doing.  I had to see her every few weeks and I only felt excitement to see her again! The work she performed for me I called it a miracle because in a few months time she was able to bring bone (vertically) prior to an implant. After the treatment my teeth looked amazing. Doctor Esther is very sweet and very compassionate, she is very understanding, and she is also a great listener! She is hands down an excellent well rounded professional! I only miss her now that my treatment is over!

Doctor Feldman inherited me from a previous orthodontist who moved his practice, but she treated my appointment with her as though it was my first consultation ever. She was thorough and meticulous. She painstakingly examined my progress and immediately made the necessary adjustments. I knew right away that she aims for perfection in her craft, she has access to cutting edge treatments and my most stubborn tooth was no match to her. And in all of my teeth drama, she is patient. She is warm, kind and caring; and her staff members love her, which speaks volumes about her work ethic. To boot, she is fabulous as a person inside and out, and I look forward to my visits. An artisan in her field, I’d recommend her to anyone! Her practice is No tooth left behind!

Best service, best office, best dentist! Dr. Feldman goes out of her way to provide topnotch service and patient care. She is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. I was able to finish my invasalign treatment in less than 12 months, and I’m so beyond impressed with the results. I cannot provide enough positive feedback about my experience with Dr Feldman and her fantastic team. If you are looking for an amazing orthodontist, look no further… highly recommend!

Esther Feldman helped our daughter straighten her teeth using Invisalign. She made adjustments in various parts of her mouth that are small but will be noticeable in both close-ups and in the way her teeth line up with each other. Dr. Feldman’s staff is wonderful and communicative. This is a great office in every respect. We highly recommend Dr. Feldman.

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